You’ll need a smartphone, but not a credit card or cash, to make purchases at the Amazon Go stores currently being envisioned at several busy US airports, Reuters reports. 

At existing Amazon Go locations in Seattle, Chicago, and San Francisco, shoppers must scan their smartphones to enter the store; any subsequent purchases are automatically charged to their Amazon account via the Amazon Go app upon exiting.

Los Angeles International Airport and San Jose International Airport are among the US airports that reportedly have received queries from Amazon as the company looks to expand the checkout-free shopping concept, which is seen as particularly appealing to time-strapped travellers. Establishing locations at airports also are seen as an ideal way to grow awareness of the Amazon Go brand — a new direction for a company built on Internet sales.

Officials at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport also have expressed interest in Amazon Go. However, proposals to bring the stores to airports are still in the discussion stage, and Amazon officials did not reply to a request for comment on the story.