Sumo wrestling is amongst Japan’s greatest gifts to the world. Now you too can have a first-hand experience of Sumo in the land of the rising sun. This tour gives you the opportunity to stand in a Sumo ring and have face off with a former sumo wrestler at Edo Noren, a two-storey food an shopping centre in the Ryogoku area of Tokyo.

The tour also allows women to experience the sport that has traditionally been exclusive to men.

Additionally, members of the tour will be given lunch coupons or gift vouchers that can be used in 11 stores. Those who wish to skip lunch will be given the option to trade their meal vouchers for souvenirs.

As part of the ‘Edo era’ design, the sumo ring at Edo Noren is a popular tourist attraction and is surrounded by dozens of trendy restaurants that offer a range of Japanese delicacies such as sushi, okonomiyaki, yakitori, noodles, and tempura.

Time: Sumo experience takes place every Tuesday from 10 am -11 am.

Shruti Nair