Finnair is set to add premium economy to its list of available classes with the introduction of a new cabin class across its entire long-haul fleet scheduled for 2021.

The new offering, which will occupy its own separate cabin, appears set to be a more definitive premium economy product compared to the more basic extra-legroom Economy Comfort class the airline introduced back in 2014. Economy Comfort sits at the front of the economy cabin (pictured) and uses the same product.

Specific details are slim at this stage, though Finnair has stated the class will feature “highly customised designs for Finnair” and will offer more space and comfort “along with an enhanced service offering”.

Planning of the cabin design as well as the service concept are currently underway, with more to be revealed “at a later stage”.

Speaking about the new cabin class, Piia Karhu, Finnair’s senior vice president of customer experience, said: “We see a growing trend of quality-focused travellers who place a strong focus on the comfort and quality of their travel experience.

“Responding to customer needs from all our key markets, our new premium economy class will serve the requirements of both leisure and corporate customers.”

Rollout of the premium economy cabin is expected to begin in the fourth quarter of 2020 with completion expected by the end of 2022.