Vazirani Automotive has unveiled India’s first hypercar, Shul. It is designed by Chunky Vazirani, the founder and chief designer at Vazirani Automotive.

The hypercar features micro-turbine range extender that can run on regular petrol, and will charge the battery. The battery will drive the individual motors linked to the four wheels of the car. The hypercar also has aerodynamic features to reduce drag along with a large diffuser that will increase the downforce of the car.

Shul has a Turbine Hybrid layout along with Jet Turbine generator that will charge the battery instantly. The car is light with agile corners.

Chunky Vazirani, Vazirani Automotive Founder and Chief Designer said, “For us, the design process spearheads the car’s development. It was exhilarating to design Shul since the new electric technology gave us the opportunity to rethink the architecture. The proportions reflect the technology packaged underneath. Smaller components and extra room allowed us to creatively channel the air through and around the car to reduce drag and improve downforce. With this design, we wanted to bring back classic automotive elegance. And yet, we wanted to execute this classic design in a modern, relevant manner. We are really pleased with the final outcome.”

Pranit Sarda