Fabergé unveils a brand new addition to the Visionnaire DTZ range- the Visionnaire DTZ Yellow Gold.

Developed by Agenhor Manufacture, the timepiece adorns an 18 karat yellow gold and titanium case with a satin finish gilded dial with TC3 luminescent coating against a classic blue embellishment. The luxury watch piece comes with a brown leather strap, that perfectly fits on your wrist.

The watch also sports a dual time zone functionality along with water resistance of up to 50 metres.

Aurélie Picaud , the timepieces director, says, “I am excited to present this new addition to the incredibly successful Visionnaire DTZ range. This new piece adds a vintage twist on the classic style of the original design while retaining the key elements that really characterise the Fabergé brand; heritage, ingenuity, surprise and craftsmanship; resulting in a distinctively powerful aesthetic.”


Prealene Khera