London Stansted has added four new aircraft stands, as part of the airport’s ongoing £600 million transformation programme.

The echo stand extension measures 40,000 sqm and is the size of four football pitches, enabling the airport to handle more aircraft during peak hours.

The work involved the pouring of 23,000sqm of concrete, with 1,850 metres of cabling laid and 15km of drainage installed.

It marks the completion of stage 1 of the transformation programme, which has also seen new check-in desks added earlier this year.

Stage 2 will see new taxiways created, as well as additional aircraft holding areas and a further 20 aircraft stands.

In August Stansted unveiled new computer generated images of its forthcoming £130 million Arrivals Terminal, set to open in 2020.

The airport also opened a new two-floor restaurant and bar concept this summer, inspired by London’s Camden district and its market stalls.