Harbour Grand Kowloon, Hong Kong is celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival with two new flavours of custard mooncakes – refreshing blueberry and sweet tropical mango.

The mooncakes feature a mix of creamy custard with blueberry or mango puree and are then wrapped in a layer of light puff pastry. These delicacies give a modern twist to the traditional festive offerings.

The sweet treats are packed in delicate gift boxes (six pieces in one box), thereby making them an ideal gift for business associates and friends.

The Harbour Grand Kowloon Mooncake is priced at HKD 298 (₹2,754) and is also available at an eShop special price of HKD 208.6 (₹1,927).

The offer is valid until October 23, 2018. harbourgrand.com

Pranit Sarda