Passengers booking travel with Chinese ride-hailing app Didi Chuxing will now have audio during their trips recorded as the company aims to improve passenger safety in the wake of two murders that took place in recent months involving rides using the app.

Travellers are now required to provide a one-time authorisation for future rides to be recorded when they attempt to book a ride, and failing to do so will mean rides cannot be booked, Business Insider reports.

Audio recordings are done using the drivers’ phones and are uploaded to the company’s servers in an encrypted format. Along with aiding in law enforcement, the recordings will also be used to handle complaints, but supposedly will be deleted within seven days no complaint is registered.

As of September 8, Didi has also suspended late-night services as part of further safety measures.

According to the company’s website, some 30 million rides are provided daily across the company’s various transportation options.

Earlier this month, ride-sharing app Uber introduced new safety measures for passengers and drivers, including sending alerts when unplanned stops are made and panic buttons.