News has just emerged that Crossrail’s opening has been put back by nine months.

The new east-west rail line, costing over £15 billion,  was supposed to open this coming December but only between the East and Central London.

By the end of next year it was planned to extend services West to Heathrow airport.

Crossrail (also known as the Elizabeth Line) will operate between the capital’s Eastern suburbs, through Central London, and continue to Heathrow airport and to Reading in the West.

It is understood that more time will be needed to complete the stations and test the infrastructure.

It now means that the first section will not now open until the autumn of 2019. And one wonders whether or not the next extension to Heathrow airport will be delayed too.

Heathrow-bound travellers may have to rely on existing (and often more costly) rail services for longer than expected.