This October, The Churchill Bar and Terrace’s is introducing “Churchill’s Highlands Hideaway” as its winter theme. Located in Hyatt Regency London, this award-winning bar and terrace is paying homage to Winston Churchill’s love of Scotland and his wife Clementine’s liking for the Highlands, through this new theme.

“Churchill’s Highlands Hideaway” will feature an expansive range of Scottish and Churchill themed cocktails complemented with British delights like a traditional Scottish steak pie and homemade Scotch eggs.

The special cocktail menu, curated by head bartender, Daniele Bresciani, and his team will include Scotch whisky concoctions made with world-renowned Scottish brands such as Johnnie Walker Whisky.

Eve Vasileiadou, bar manager said, “Our whole team is excited to bring the story of Winston and Clementine Churchill’s love of Scotland and the Scottish Highlands to life this October. Each season, the full team is involved in brainstorming new themes and ideas that link back to the life and legacy of Sir Winston Churchill and working tirelessly over months to create an ever-changing and innovative cocktail menu tied into the story. Scotland is home to some of the greatest whisky brands in the world, and with Churchill’s love of the drink as a daily ritual, it was a natural choice for us. We look forward to showcasing our new Highlands Hideaway to our guests and sharing our passion with them.”