The Chanakya, in New Delhi, is the brand-new location for the recently launched Rolex boutique. Inaugurated at the Ethos Summit, the new boutique offers a sophisticated collection of Rolex watches that combine both, the elements of their timeless traditions and the modern essence that the timepieces embody.

The showroom reflects the extraordinary standard of the watches on display, with the Oyster Perpetual models forming the core of a large selection of wristwatches.

The boutique aims to provide an enriching Rolex experience to the customers through its carefully designed interiors that also mirrors the location and history of The Chanakya, providing a unique environmental setting.

Pranav Saboo, CEO Ethos, said, “New Delhi being the largest market for luxury watches in India, we considered it essential as official Rolex retailers to launch a Rolex boutique here. Through this new boutique, we take pride in upholding all that the brand is about, with every single element reflecting the DNA of the legendary Rolex.”

Ethos operates over 43 stores across 16 cities in India, with its two retail brands Ethos and Ethos Summit – Luxury Watch Boutiques, offering an international watch buying experience for its customers.

Prealene Khera