Singapore-based hotel group Far East Hospitality plans to introduce a new brand, The Clan Hotel, in mid-2020 that is specifically aimed at young to middle-aged business travellers.

According to Far East Hospitality, the brand “targets affluent and tech-savvy business travellers in their late-20s to mid-40s”, with a focus on combining leisure with work trips.

“Travellers are increasingly integrating work with leisure today,” said the hotel group’s CEO, Arthur Kiong. “A hotel must not only be well-located, but it must also be experiential and memorable.”

“Currently, there is a gap in the market for a hotel that offers an optimal combination of value for money, quality hospitality service, and a strong sense of place.”

The company unveiled the new concept on Monday and plans to have its first property open within the next two years.

This initial hotel will be situated at Far East Square in Singapore and will offer 324 rooms. Interiors will feature black-and-white images of traditional Singapore street scenes, ranging from streets, shophouses and warehouses to samsui women and coolies.

This aesthetic – as well as the name of the brand – draws its inspiration from the era of settlement in Singapore by people from China’s southern provinces, who were protected at the time by the Singapore Federation of Chinese Clan Associations.

“The property draws inspiration from the clan associations’ values of family, harmony and companionship,” added Kiong.

The Clan Hotel is Far East Hospitality’s sixth brand, joining Oasia, Quincy, Rendezvous, Village, and Far East Collection.

The hotel group also jointly owns Australian-based TFE Hotels with Toga Group, and operates a number of affiliate hotels in Singapore and Hong Kong.