Recently, Indian airlines IndiGo, SpiceJet and GoAir revised their excess baggage fares for domestic flights. The three low-cost carriers are now charging passengers with ₹400 per kg for each kilo beyond 15 Kgs of free baggage allowance (for those who have not pre-booked excess baggage).

As per the new rule, IndiGo and GoAir’s prepaid excess baggage charges are- ₹1,900 for the excess baggage of 5 Kgs, ₹3,800 for 10 Kgs, ₹5,700 for 15 Kgs and ₹11,400 for extra 30 Kgs. However, SpiceJet’s prepaid excess baggage slab is ₹1,600 for 5 Kgs, ₹3,200 for 10 Kgs, ₹4,800 for 15 Kgs, ₹6,400 for 20 kgs and ₹9,600 for 30 Kgs.

This move comes few days after Jet Airways introduced changes in its checkin baggage concept.

Meanwhile, Air India is the only airline in the country that allows passengers to carry up to 25 kgs of checkin baggage for free.,,