United Airlines passengers who want to pay for the privilege can now wait for their flights in a private terminal at Los Angeles International Airport and be shuttled to their plane in a luxury BMW.

The airline has signed an access deal with The Private Suite, a new terminal which opened last year on the grounds of LAX and which includes amenities like private check-in and baggage handling as well as on-site security screening and customs operations.

United will operate a branded lounge at the terminal; access will be limited to holders of business and first class tickets. Entry will be on a paid-for basis, although in a press release the carrier said that “Access to The Private Suite will be included in certain business-class fares”.

“We are excited to offer this new experience for our customers who are seeking additional efficiency, comfort, privacy and the ultimate service during their travels,” said Janet Lamkin, United’s head of operations in California.

“The partnership with The Private Suite affords our customers the opportunity to enjoy a one-of-a-kind experience that makes travel through LAX the best in class.”

LAX is major hub for United flights to the Asia-Pacific region. The Private Suite terminal was developed by Gavin de Becker & Associates, a security consulting firm serving Hollywood celebrities and other high-profile clients.

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