Lufthansa Group says its new hand baggage only fares will launch this summer on on flights to North America with Lufthansa, Swiss, Brussels Airlines and Austrian Airlines. The move is being discussed on our forum here.

The new fares will be known as Economy Light, and will be “the least expensive option for price-conscious passengers only travelling with carry-on luggage and who do not require any ticket flexibility”.

Lufthansa confirmed its intentions to launch HBO fares last month, following similar moves by carriers including British Airways and Virgin Atlantic.

The rise of the transatlantic hand baggage only fare

The group said Economy Light passengers will continue to receive complimentary food and drink inflight, adding that “For an additional fee, passengers will be allowed to add one piece of luggage or request a seat reservation on an individual basis”.

The launch follows the trial of HBO fares on selected routes between Scandinavia and North America last year.