Alaska Airlines is the latest US carrier to announce it will offer a no-frills class of service with even fewer perks than standard economy class seats.

Business Insider reports that airline officials said in a conference call that the new Saver Fares would be priced lower than economy tickets, and would not be changeable or cancellable.

Holders of these tickets would also board aircraft last, and be seated in the rear of the plane. It was unclear whether the fares would permit passengers to carry bags onboard or if that would incur an additional fee.

Saver Fares will be introduced this fall, according to Alaska Airlines. American, United, and Delta Air Lines have all rolled out similar “basic economy” fares.

The carrier recently announced plans to cut the size of its carry-on bag allowance, in order to “better align with our codeshare partners and other major US carriers, so you can more easily transfer among airlines without running into a snag with your bag”.

Alaska Airlines also announced changes to its policy on “emotional support” animals, banning from the cabin animals that have horns, hooves, or tusks as well as amphibians and spiders. Cats, dogs, and miniature horses, apparently, are still OK, Fortune reported.