British Airways says it has gone “independent” at Heathrow T3, with operations now being overseen by a dedicated team separate to that at T5.

In a press release BA said that “With flights to destinations from Miami to Marseille and Vancouver to Vienna, British Airways’ operation at Heathrow Terminal 3 is building its own identity, and is now running independently from its big sister, Terminal 5”.

The carrier said that just under one in five of its customers departing Heathrow use T3, equating to over seven million passengers per year, with many of these being customers travelling on American Airlines codeshare flights, who are connecting from American destinations onto British Airways services.

In a video posted by the carrier, David Rose, BA’s senior customer manager at Terminal 3 said that there are “big plans” for the carrier’s check-in zone, in conjunction with business partner AA, and also confirmed that BA will move into a new T3 Flight Connections centre with AA this summer.

“Behind the scenes we’re setting up a dedicated Terminal 3 control room, which will look at all aspects of the Terminal 3 operation, and ensure that it runs as efficiently as possible,” added Rose.