Airline and lifestyle rewards programme Asia Miles has launched two new promotions for the spring and summer period that give members the opportunity to accrue some bonus points as well as get access to discounts when booking accommodation and car rental with Agoda and Hertz.

For starters, members booking accommodation through Agoda can get bonus miles on bookings made before June 30 this year for stays until September 30, 2018, along with discounts of up to 75 per cent on hotel bookings in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Regular Asia Miles members can accrue four bonus miles for every HK$10 spent on hotel bookings through Agoda. This can also be further increased if the booking is made through Agoda’s PointsMax scheme, which allows users to select a loyalty programme of their choice to earn points in when booking on the site.

As an example, an Asia Miles member booking through PointsMax in conjunction with this new promotion would earn points in the following manner:

  • Hotel spend: HK$3,000
  • PointsMax Earning: 2,100 miles*
  • Bonus miles earned (at HK$10 = 4 miles): 1,200 miles
  • Total earning: 3,300 miles

There is also a slightly varied option for members paying using a Standard Chartered Asia Miles Mastercard. Along with the same discount of up to 75 per cent on hotels in Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong, cardholders can also get a 6 per cent discount on other for PointsMax bookings.

However, from a miles-earning standpoint, these cardholders will earn just three Asia Miles for every HK$10 spent through Agoda.

This promotion does appear to penalise cardholders with them earning one less bonus mile per HK$10 spent than non-cardholders. However, this comes with the benefit of a 6 per cent discount not enjoyed by non-cardholders. Also, when taking into account the accrual from the card itself, cardholders still earn more points overall.

Using a similar example as before, the accrual would be the following:

  • Hotel spend: HK$3,000
  • PointsMax earning: 2,100 miles*
  • Bonus miles earned (at HK$10 = 3 miles): 900 miles
  • Regular miles earned from credit card: 750 miles
  • Total miles earned: 3,750 miles

Standard Chartered Asia Miles Mastercard cardholders therefore would gain an extra 450 miles over non-cardholders in the above instance.

It’s worth noting that there is no limit to the number of times these bonus miles can be accrued on bookings. There is, however, a 6,000 mile limit per booking on the regular PointsMax earning.

Outside of accommodation booking, Asia Miles members can also accrue bonus miles with car rentals through Hertz, which Asia Miles began partnering with in 2016. Bookings have to be made by June 30 this year, with pick up by July 31, 2018.

Members can get bonus miles depending on the number of actual miles they drive in their rented car. At a minimum, members can get bonus 2,000 miles just for driving a single mile, with a maximum of 10,000 miles for driving 10,001 miles or more. For all distances in between, members accrue one mile per actual mile driven.

  • 1-1,999 miles driven: 2,000 Asia Miles
  • 2,000-10,000 miles driven: 1 Asia Mile per mile driven
  • 10,001+ miles driven: 10,000 Asia Miles

Along with points earning, members in Europe (Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, mainland Spain and the UK) and Asia (Brunei, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka and Thailand) can get 10 per cent off their rental price. Meanwhile, while those in Australia and New Zealand will get 15 per cent off and in the US and Canada 20 per cent.

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How to earn Asia Miles without booking a flight

Asia Miles is the rewards programme for airlines Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon.

*PointsMax miles earned will vary at the time of booking