Brussels Airlines has announced plans for new cabin interiors on its long-haul A330 aircraft.

JPA Design has been charged with creating new economy, premium economy and business class seating for the Lufthansa Group carrier, as well as revamping carpets, curtains, lighting, bulkheads and lavatories on the aircraft.

The new products will launch at the end of this year, with JPA Design having been briefed “to capture the fun and vibrant personality of the airline’s brand”.

John Tighe, JPA’s design director of transport who will be leading the design project, said that “The user experience we’re creating is vibrant, and achieves the rare success of being on-brand upon first view, whilst having a depth of design which reveals itself as you relax into your own personal space”.

“There is a trend for many brands to talk about being ‘human’, but Brussels Airlines has been living this philosophy for many years and can truly offer a characterful and warm experience throughout, added Tighe. “’We go the extra smile’ is their mantra and it is JPA’s mission to capture this friendly vibrancy throughout the entire cabin.”

Brussels Airlines recently unveiled the latest in its series of ‘Belgian Icons’ liveries, featuring characters from comic franchise The Smurfs.