Easyjet has announced a major expansion of its Worldwide by Easyjet connections service, to include a total of nine European airports.

The service was launched last year at Gatwick with partner airlines Norwegian and Westjet, before extending it to Milan Malpensa with Norwegian and Italian carrier Neos.

The new announcement will add connections at Berlin Tegel, Amsterdam Schiphol, Venice Marco Polo, Paris CDG, Paris Orly, Edinburgh and Inverness, as follows:

  • At Venice connections will begin in mid-April, with an as-yet-unnamed partner airline
  • At Paris CDG connections will launch this spring with Norwegian
  • At Paris Orly connections will start this spring, with Corsair, La Compagnie and Norwegian
  • At Berlin Tegel connection will begin this summer, with an as-yet-unnamed partner airline
  • At Amsterdam Schiphol connections will launch this summer with Norwegian
  • At Edinburgh connections will start in 2018 (date TBC) with Loganair and Norwegian
  • At Inverness connections will begin in 2018 (date TBC) with Loganair

In addition Easyjet has announced new connection possibilities at Gatwick airport with Thomas Cook Airlines.

The carrier says that the expansion means over half its flights will offer connection services, covering a total of 53 million passengers.

The airline is keen to point out that the Worldwide connections service “does not impact Easyjet’s punctuality, its asset utilisation or operating model”. Connecting passengers are subject to a two and a half hour minimum connection time, and flights are not held. Should a passenger miss their connecting flight, they will be transferred to the next available service.

Also, in the case of Gatwick airport at least, baggage is not through checked – passengers must use the airport’s Gatwick Connects service. At Milan the carrier uses the airport’s similar ViaMilano service – it’s not clear exactly what set up the carrier will use at the other airports listed above.

Commenting on the news Easyjet’s CEO Johan Lundgren said:

“Because of Easyjet’s reputation for great customer service and our strong positions at Europe’s leading airports, long haul carriers as well as airports have been asking to work with Easyjet for some time.

“Easyjet will sign up other airlines to Worldwide by Easyjet throughout 2018, with talks already far advanced with middle and far-eastern carriers amongst others and we also plan to expand to other Easyjet airports across Europe.”