Dublin airport will remain closed until at least Saturday morning, as a result of the continuing adverse weather conditions across the UK and Ireland.

A statement on the airport’s website advises:

“Due to a National Weather Alert for heavy snow, airlines have suspended all flights to and from Dublin Airport until Saturday, March 3.

“Please contact your airline for the latest information on your flight and monitor Dublin Airport’s social media channels for status updates.

“We apologise for the inconvenience that the adverse weather has caused to passengers.”

Aer Lingus has cancelled all flights scheduled to arrive or depart from Dublin, Shannon, Cork and Belfast today.

Most of the UK’s major airports are operational, with a post on the Edinburgh airport website last night advising that it “will be open for those airlines that wish to operate tomorrow”.

More specifically Edinburgh says that Jet2 will commence operations at 0900, Flybe at 1000, Easyjet at 1200, Ryanair at 1300, and British Airways “late morning”.

But the airport warns that the situation “is likely to remain challenging and there will be disruption”.

Glasgow says that a large number of flights have been cancelled for today, and advises customers not to travel to the airport until they have checked their flight status with the relevant airline.

Heathrow says it has “worked with our airlines to consolidate the flight schedule to provide more certainty around departing flights, and ensure the safety of our passengers and colleagues”, while Gatwick is expecting delays and cancellations today, as is London City.

Here is a list of some of the UK airport Twitter pages where readers can find the latest updates.