Travellers flying out of Changi Airport will have to pay additional charges to fly out of the airport starting July 1, 2018, with departure fees set to further increase every year until April 1, 2024.

The changes are being introduced in order to help fund part of the Changi East development along with additional refurbishments to the airport’s existing terminals and security facilities.

Passengers flying out of Changi Airport currently pay a departure fee of S$34 (US$25.7). This is comprised of a Passenger Service and Security Fee (PSSF) of S$27.90 (US$21.1), along with an Aviation Levy of S$6.1 (US$4.6).

Starting July 1 this year, however, the departure fee will increase to S$47.3 (US$35.7). Along with a new S$10.8 (US$8.2) Airport Development Levy, the PSSF is also set to increase by S$2.5 (US$1.9) every year until April 1, 2024. Aside from this year’s initial increase on July 1, all other PSSF increases will take effect on April 1 each year.

The changes in fees mean that by April 2024 when the final increase takes effect, passengers will have to pay a total departure fee of S$62.3 (US$47) – almost double the current amount.

These charges affect only travellers departing Changi Airport following a stay in Singapore. Travellers transiting through Changi Airport will not see an increase in their PSSF levies, which are currently S$6 (US$4.5), however a S$3 (US$2.3) Airport Development Levy will be added from July 1, 2018. Transit passengers do not pay an Aviation Levy.

Along with passengers, airlines will also see their aircraft parking, landing and aerobridge fees increase by 1 per cent each year starting July 1.

The new Changi East development will see the addition of a third runway, which will be operational in the early 2020s, while the airport’s Terminal 5 is set to be completed in around 2030.

Meanwhile between now and 2024, the airport expects to upgrade its Skytrain and baggage handling systems at its existing terminals, along with revamping its Terminal 2.

Despite the increase in fees, Changi Airport has stated that the majority of funding for the projects will come from the Singapore Government.

Last year, the airport opened its new Terminal 4 building, which notably serves Cathay Pacific along with Korean Air and Vietnam Airlines, among others.

Changi Airport’s new 14,000sqm leisure and F&B Jewel development, meanwhile, is set to open early next year.