Travelling with pets can be taxing. In-flight pet deaths and injuries are common due to poor ventilation, excessively hot or cold temperatures or rough handling in cargo.

On February 20, US-based IT company, Unisys launched an app called Digi-Pet in Mumbai.  Right from booking the flight to receiving the pet at the destination, the app enables owners to track their animals and ensure safety and well-being on-board.

In India, Jet Airways, Vistara, Air India and SpiceJet allow pet transport. IndiGo does not permit carriage of animals on its flights, with an exception to guide dogs for blind passengers.

Digi-pet uses Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology via sensors connected to the pet’s crate to convey crucial conditions such as temperature, oxygen levels, vibration and light to the pet parent. The app also alerts the pet owner if at any time the pet requires attention. Pet owners can even interact with their pets through video streaming, photos and voice exchange.

“Unisys Digi-Pet uses innovative IoT technology to enable air carriers to offer niche pet travel services, allowing them to enter and capture a high yield growing market while improving customer experience and loyalty as pet owners don’t need to findspecialised pet or other transport modes for their needs,” says Venkatesh Pazhyanur, senior industry director of Freight Solutions for Unisys.

Digi-Pet complies with IATA regulations.

Jazreen Deboo