Effective from March 17, 2018, AirAsia India will launch operations from Nagpur and Indore.

In tune with the governments push for regional connectivity, the airline aims to connect Nagpur to metros Bengaluru and Kolkata and Indore to Bengaluru and Goa.

Schedule as follows:

Flight No Departure Arrival Time of Departure Time of Arrival Days of Ops
I5 2678 Bengaluru Nagpur 5:50 7:35 Daily
I5 2678 Nagpur Kolkata 8:00 9:50 Daily
I5 2676 Kolkata Nagpur 10:15 12:15 Except Sundays
I5 2676 Nagpur Bengaluru 13:00 14:40 Except Tuesdays
I5 2676 Nagpur Bengaluru 13:45 15:25 Tuesday
I5 2467 Bengaluru Indore 15:15 17:10 Daily
I5 2465 Indore Goa 17:35 19:25 Daily
I5 2464 Goa Indore 19:50 21:25 Daily
I5 2469 Indore Bengaluru 21:50 23:55 Daily

MD and CEO, AirAsia India, Amar Abrol says, “With the addition of Indore and Nagpur, we are connecting across the length and breadth of India. With 26 per cent of our flyers being first-time flyers ever, providing regional connectivity is of utmost priority for us. Our ultimate vision is to focus on revolutionising air travel in the markets that we operate in.”


Jazreen Deboo