Google continues to expand the capabilities of its Google Flights site, adding direct hotel bookings to a growing list of travel tools, Forbes reported February 22, 2018.

Hotels can be searched via text search or map. Bookings are accomplished with a single click that takes users to the hotel site or a booking engine.

Google Flights already allows users to search flight deals offered by multiple airlines, with booking achieved via airline sites or Google’s own booking engine. The site also includes information on baggage fees and on-time performance that often exceeds that offered by airline sites.

Google’s mobile travel site now includes four separate tabs, according to Koddi: Explore, Flights, Hotels, and Your Trips. Air and hotel can be searched and booked at Flights and Hotels, respectively, while Explore contains information like suggested itineraries, list of popular sights, and news articles. Users can store information on their past, present, and future travels at Your Trips.

“One of the most notable benefits of this combined search navigation bar is that the user only needs to input the date and destination once to look at available options for flight and hotels. Previously, the search required two separate queries where the dates and destination had to be input multiple times,” Koddi noted. “In addition, similar to … Expedia, Google is also offering a combined button on the Explore tab which features flights and hotels options bundled together.”