Business attire is not what it used to be.

Although suits have been the staple of business wear for more than a century, a recent survey found that only one in ten British employees still wears a suit to work.

There has been a business casual revolution, with more than three-quarters of British workers indicating they dress casually for work.

Both men and women are opting for a more smart casual approach to business dress, according to the survey. Instead of business suits or waistcoats, modern employees are opting for long-sleeved smart shirts, or jeans and a smart blazer or jacket.

The Travelodge study of 2,000 workers attributes this shift to the better affordability of smart casual clothes, and the change in work environment. Sixty per cent of the report’s respondents believed that a more informal dress code contributes to a friendlier and more relaxed office atmosphere.

“Having a dress-down Friday every day enables workers to be independent and showcase their personality,” said Karen Pine, a psychology professor at Hertfordshire University. “This leads to stronger bonds between co-workers and removes barriers, enabling everyone to get on with their jobs.”

Of course it’s worth noting the results of this survey apply to workers in the UK only. Other countries, such as Japan, still hold suits and ties as the standard for business attire.

Olivia Hultgren