[Update: Airbus released an Android version of its “iflyA380” app on July 31, 2018]

Airbus has launched a new “iflyA380” mobile app, an extension of its iflyA380.com website that enables travellers to specifically book flights operated by the manufacturer’s largest aircraft, the double-decker Airbus A380 superjumbo.

Users can also get 360-degree tours of the A380 cabin using the app before taking a journey, while also being able to access augmented reality content when actually on board. The app enables travellers to browse all flights operated by the A380 by 13 operators on routes to some 53 destinations worldwide. Currently, the app is only available to download for Apple iOS devices.

The rolling out of the new app follows difficulties the manufacturer has had in convincing airlines to adopt the aircraft, despite its popularity among passengers.

Earlier this month, Airbus and UAE-based carrier Emirates – one of the largest users of the A380 with more than 100 in its fleet – signed an agreement that will see the airline take on an additional 36 superjumbos.

The deal was widely seen as a lifeline for the A380 programme, which was speculated to be on the verge of cancellation had the deal not gone through. Upon finalisation of the order, Airbus chief operating officer, John Leahy, said that it “underscores Airbus’s commitment to produce the A380 at least for another ten years”.

Airbus first launched its iflyA380.com website in July, 2016, in an attempt to rally passenger support for the aircraft, which had suffered a drop in orders in previous years.