Korean Air has become the latest carrier to implement restrictions on “smart luggage” that passengers are allowed to bring on board, following similar policies recently introduced by airlines such as American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and Cathay Pacific.

Under Korean Air’s new policy, which came into effect yesterday, passengers can no longer check-in or bring onboard as carry on smart luggage that does not have removable lithium-ion batteries.

However the new rules do not prohibit all smart luggage. Those with removable batteries can be checked-in provided the batteries have been removed beforehand and are carried onboard separately. Meanwhile for carry-on bags, batteries are required to be removable but must be kept in the bag.

The wave of new restrictions follows regulations issued by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which unveiled its guidelines last month. Many airlines already restrict passengers from checking-in spare lithium-ion batteries due to them being a potential fire risk.

Smart luggage typically includes features such as in-built USB chargers, wifi hotspot devices, GPS, auto-locking systems and motorised wheels.

In other news, Korean Air is set to relocate to Incheon International Airport’s new Terminal 2 this Thursday (January 18, 2018) as part of the airport’s extensive expansion plan.

The airline also recently launched its first premium economy offering on board its newly delivered Bombardier CS300 aircraft.