In accordance with IATA guidelines, full service carrier Jet Airways has announced a ban smart bags as checked luggage on flights unless batteries can be removed, January 15 onwards.

The full service airline joins the move by US airlines that restricts battery powered luggage onboard fights January 15 onwards. This was announced back in December 2017.

Smart luggage is powered with batteries that can be used to charge devices like phones and laptops. The battery  powers the wheels of the bag and the luggage can be tracked by GPS as well. Most smart bags on the market do not have removable batteries, and Federal Aviation Regulations rules already prohibit spare lithium-ion batteries from checked luggage.

Here are the rules framed by Jet Airways, posted on their official website:

  1. The battery of the smart luggage must be removed. Smart luggage with non-removable battery will not be permitted onboard either as part of cabin baggage or check-in baggage.
  2. In case of smart luggage being checked in, the battery for the same must be uninstalled. As per IATA once battery is uninstalled, the same can be carried as part of cabin baggage only.
  3. In case of smart luggage being carried as cabin baggage, the battery must be uninstalled and carried inside the Cabin Baggage and must not be reinstalled in the smart luggage until arrival at the destination.
  4. Guests are responsible for removal of the battery from the smart luggage and the check-in staff shall ensure the same is done prior to check-in.

Jazreen Deboo