Until June 30, SPG members are invited to register for the “SPG Status Challenge”. To participate, they must phone the SPG customer service and choose either the Gold Status Challenge or the Platinum Status Challenge.
Unfortunately, SPG members who have earned a Gold or Platinum status in or after 2013 are not eligible for this. And winners of previous such challenges for the same status are also unqualified. For example, a winner of an earlier held Gold Status Challenge cannot apply for the same this time, but can apply for the Platinum Status Challenge instead.
At the time of enrolment, eligible members are given three months to complete the challenge. They may choose from any of the three consecutive months provided, within which to start and complete the tasks.
Platinum and Gold Status Challenge participants must complete 18 and nine eligible paid nights respectively, within the “challenge period”.
The earned status can be retained for a minimum of one year.