American Airlines is retrofitting more than 200 of its Airbus A321 aircraft with larger overhead lockers that give passengers significantly greater room for their hand luggage Travel + Leisure reported December 7, 2017.

The airline is installing Airbus’ new Airspace XL on 202 of its A321s; the compartments have 40 per cent more storage capacity than the lockers they replace, including the ability to store rolling suitcases vertically.

American is the first airline customer for the locker upgrade, according to an Airbus press release. “Thanks to this Airbus cabin retrofit, passengers on American Airlines’ A321s will be able to board faster and will enjoy an overall improved travel experience,” said Laurent Martinez, head of Services by Airbus.

The upgrades are part of a larger project to standardise American Airlines’ A321s with a common seat count and interior, according to Airbus. All new A321s purchased by American Airlines will come with the Airspace XL lockers preinstalled, as well.

Airbus said the larger lockers will ease the boarding process, reduce bin overstuffing and cut down on the need to “gate check” bags.

Some Delta Air Lines A321 aircraft also are equipped with the larger overhead lockers.