Delta has announced new stops on its B747 farewell tour later this month, taking in Los Angeles International airport and the home of Boeing’s assembly plant.

The last scheduled service for the carrier’s jumbo will take place between Detroit and Seoul-Incheon, arriving back into Detroit on December 17.

Following this an Employee Farewell Tour will see one of Delta’s remaining B747s fly from Detroit to Seattle on December 18, taking in Boeing’s plant in Everett, before heading onto Atlanta on December 19, and both LAX and Minneapolis St Paul on December 20.

Delta now has just five B747s in its fleet, with the aircraft being replaced by the arrival of the carrier’s new A350 aircraft.

Last month rival US airline United said goodbye to its last B747, with a special flight between San Francisco and Honolulu, the inaugural route flown by the carrier’s first jumbo in 1970.