Travellers on Canadian airlines will now be permitted to carry knives with blades up to six centimetres long, but not bath salts or baby powder, under new security protocols announced this week.

CBC News reports that Canadian Transport Minister Marc Garneau said the “changes to screening procedures will bring Canada in line with international standards and our partner countries, while continuing to keep passengers safe.”

However, knives with blades of any length are still banned from carry on luggage at US airports.

Canada still bans most other types of knives and bladed implements, including concealed knives of any length.

Transport Canada’s new rules also prohibit sea salt, foot powder, cooking powder, and sand in carry on luggage if containers exceed 350 milliliters in size.

Other items prohibited in carry on luggage on Canadian flights include ammunition, box cutters, firearms, fishing hooks longer than 6 centimeters, letter openers, razor blades and safety razors, strike-anywhere matches, ski poles, and hockey sticks.