Small businesses that are enrolled in Qantas’s corporate loyalty programme, Qantas Business Rewards, can now earn points by purchasing and collecting coffee cups as part of an initiative developed by the airline and recycling programme Simply Cups to mark National Recycling Week.

There are three ways for member businesses to earn points through cup recycling:

  •  1 Qantas Point for every two Simply Cups branded (or co-branded) coffee cups purchased
  •  1 Qantas Point for any two coffee cups collected and recycled (where available) by Simply Cups
  •  1,000 Qantas Points for each Simply Cups collection container purchased.

Simply Cups is developing Australia’s first dedicated coffee cup recycling facility, which it expects to commission early next year. Due to the plastic lining used on coffee cups to prevent them from leaking, regular recycling facilities are unable to process them, leading to them being sent to landfills.

“We’ve got a network of 175,000 companies within our Qantas Business Rewards programme and as an advocate of recycling and the work that Simply Cups is doing, we are excited to help our members get involved and reward them for doing so as an added incentive,” said Eric Jelinek, head of the corporate rewards programme.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for Australian small businesses to make a change and take action to help keep coffee cups out of landfill and earn more Qantas Points at the same time.”

Qantas Business Rewards is a relatively new loyalty offering from the airline aimed at small- and medium-sized businesses, having launched earlier this year in February as “an evolution of the existing Aquire initiative” that it first introduced in 2014.