Backed by artificial intelligence and a live support staff, the Lola travel concierge app gives business travellers a single booking platform for flights and hotels — and gets smarter the more you use it.

Developed by Paul English, the co-founder of the popular travel search site Kayak, Lola originally targeted a broad consumer market but has been refocused to serve business travellers, who were found to be the predominant users of the app.

Available for free download on iOS and Android devices, Lola allows comparative shopping for airfares and hotel rooms and integrates users’ frequent flyer and loyalty programmes.

Information on preferred hotel and airline brands, along with more granular information like bed and seat preferences, are considered in searches. The app also analyzes user habits over time, creating a personal travel algorithm to customize Lola’s functionality even further.

“The app is on a mission to help travellers avoid the ‘analysis paralysis’ that can happen with other travel search sites, like Expedia, that flood you with hundreds of flight and hotel options that may not be relevant for your needs,” according to company spokesperson Paula Dixon.

When technology or travel plans falter, Lola also has a staff of travel agents on call 24/7 to answer user questions and help solve problems, from cancelling a reservation or rescheduling a missed flight.