Users of Chinese online travel agency Ctrip can now add immersive dining experiences showcased on social eating platform VizEat to their travel itinerary when using the Ctrip app.

The integration follows the signing of a new partnership between Ctrip and VizEat that enables users to access unique culinary experiences using Ctrip’s newly launched “Party Animal” category, located within its Virtual Tour Manager.

VizEat offers experiences with upwards of 25,000 local hosts in more than 130 countries. Travellers can book personal activities with these hosts, ranging from rooftop parties in Barcelona, to market tours in Paris, to fusion dinners in New York.

According to VizEat co-founder and CEO, Jean-Michel Petit, some “86 per cent of Chinese travellers would like to have a food experience at a local’s home during their trip abroad”.

The new partnership focuses particularly on offering such activities in Europe to travellers from China.

“In Europe, social dining is so popular nowadays, we are very excited to work with VizEat to introduce authentic travel experiences to Chinese tourists,” said Ctrip’s product manager of Virtual Tour Manager, Zhang Yuan. “Both of us agree that the most unforgettable travel experience is meeting local people by sharing a moment with them. It is a perfect way for Chinese tourists to discover real local culture.”

Ctrip has been significantly expanding its overseas operations recently, most notably with its US$1.74 billion acquisition of airfare comparison website Skyscanner back in November.

The Shanghai-based company offers accommodation reservations, transportation ticketing, packaged tours and corporate travel management.;