Few Airbnbs are fully equipped to meet the needs of business travelers, so the lodging company is reportedly partnering with WeWork to link accommodations to nearby workspaces, conference rooms, and other facilities.

Bloomberg reported October 6, 2017 that the collaboration is being tested in six cities — Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Washington, London, and Sydney. The target is primarily young business travellers who are comfortable with sharing-economy lodging but also require some of the facilities commonly found in hotel business centers, such as work desks, high-speed Wi-Fi, printers, and meeting rooms.

Sources said that business travellers staying in certain AirBnBs would be able to directly book time at nearby WeWork centres.

Wework opens at Tower Bridge

The strategy can be viewed as an adjunct to AirBnB’s recent announcement of designated Business Travel Ready lodgings — properties with amenities like desks and wifi on the premises.

WeWork rents workspace to freelance workers as well as startup companies and other corporate clients. Airbnb and WeWork confirmed that the partnership was in the works, but did not provide any details; Bloomberg’s report came from anonymous sources familiar with the project.