Easyjet is to offer a new in-flight entertainment offering in partnership with digital platform provider Immfly.

The service will launch on five aircraft this autumn, with passengers able to access “curated content”, “valuable information” and “offers and services” through their personal devices.

Content will be free to access, with Easyjet’s Immfly platform being sponsored by Rakuten, described as “a global leader in internet services with over one billion members worldwide and an ecosystem of more than 70 services”.

According to the press release the platform will offer:

  • A rich selection of best selling audiobooks and e-books, interactive maps, digital retail catalogues, and much more
  • Quality curated content from leading providers including FOX Non Theatrical, Euronews and other media brands favoured by British and European customers
  • Some of the entertainment titles available on ‘Air Time’ will include critically acclaimed TV titles such as superhero series Legion, comedy Modern Family as well as a range of family favourites and box office hits
  • Content will cover multiple languages including English, German, French, Spanish and Italian and feature fresh new services such as on-board language tutorials and digital pacifiers

Commenting on the service Andrew Middleton, Easyjet’s ancillary revenue director said:

“‘Air Time’ will allow us for the first time to offer customers in-flight entertainment in a way which replicates how they consume their media at home.

“We are delighted to be collaborating with other innovative partners, such as Rakuten who will help us curate engaging content, and Immfly who are providing the unique Easyjet portal with a dedicated customer support team, ensuring that Easyjet crew are able to continue conducting an excellent standard of safety-focused service and on-board hospitality.”

Airlines already offering the Immfly service include Iberia Express, Volotea and XL Airways.

The Immfly technology requires inflight wifi to operate, but before travellers get excited (or angry), this doesn’t mean there will be a wider wifi service on the five aircraft offering the Immfly platform. A spokesperson for Easyjet said that the technology would operate via a “closed wifi network”.

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