Dorsett Shanghai hotel’s guest service team has got a new member in the form of V Jr, a robot that offers guests information on the hotel’s facilities and local attractions.

Two robots, which are manufactured by Tami Intelligence Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd, are now stationed at the hotel. Guests can use either voice or touch-screen input to get details of the hotel and nearby dining, shopping and exercise options.

The androids can also assist with catering events, including sending out invitations, registering guests and performing songs and dances during event breaks.

Dorsett is one of a number of hospitality and travel companies that have begun exploring the use of robotic assistants. Back in February, M Social Singapore unveiled its robotic butlers, that can act as delivery assistants transporting amenities and providing other services to guests’ rooms.

Meanwhile, Eva Air has had robots stationed at Taipei’s two airports since January, and just last month, Air New Zealand ran a five-day test run at Sydney Airport with Commbank’s Chip Candroid social humanoid robots to help with passenger check-in and boarding.