Bangalore International Airport (BIAL) and Accenture have partnered to set up a co-innovation centre at Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru. Accenture is a global management consultancy firm for strategy, digital, technology and operational services.

The aim behind this partnership is to “help BIAL create an airport of the future”. The co-innovation centre, to be located at the airport, will work as an incubator to develop digital solutions using advanced technology. These will help create a comfortable and intuitive destination for passengers.

The executive director and president of BIAL, Hari Marar said, “BIAL is moving forward into the next phase of its digital transformation journey. We understand that it is key for our business to reflect the new reality of the industry in which we operate. In today’s digitally agile world, customers expect us to be completely aware and in tune with their needs to enable more intelligent interactions.

“Working with Accenture will help us embrace this shift and build a powerful experience that will continue to transform our airport’s culture and enhance the customer’s airport experience by introducing innovative and interactive digital solutions. Ultimately, our aim is to create greater value for our passengers.”

Accenture Innovation Architecture that is focussed on the travel industry will engage the centre by involving current and potential workforce, as well as related start-ups from BIAL and Accenture’s networks. Apart from improving the traveler’s journey, the partnership will create new revenue opportunities and enhance operational efficiencies for BIAL and its business partners too.

Anindya Basu, the country managing director at Accenture in India said, “The digital, on-demand economy has changed customer expectations across industries, and is creating brand new opportunities for airports at the centre of the global travel experience. We are excited about joining BIAL in its digital innovation journey, helping deliver a frictionless travel experience to today’s digitally savvy consumers.”