About a fortnight ago, airlines fought against the capping of excess baggage fee imposed on them by the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). They were not allowed to charge more than ₹100 per kilogram of excess baggage.

The Delhi High Court ruled in favour of the private airlines, for whom excess baggage fee is part of their ancillary revenues.

Low cost carrier, SpiceJet has reverted to its old fee of charging passengers ₹300 per kilogram of excess baggage. This is over and above the allowance of 15kg for check-in and 7kg for cabin luggage.

International flights are allowed anywhere from 15kg to 30kg for check-in baggage, depending on the route. Charges for excess baggage from India to international destinations range from ₹500 to ₹660 per kilogram. It is the lowest for its Dhaka sector, which is ₹175 per extra kilogram of excess baggage.

According to SpiceJet, the baggage allowance is adequate for its passengers, and the fee levied on anything above this limit is justified.