Singapore Airlines’ new safety video has been unveiled, taking viewers on a tour of the city’s prominent sights while demonstrating various in-flight safety procedures.

The video follows cabin crew member Elizabeth Quek – dressed in the airline’s iconic uniform and representing the “Singapore Girl” – as she goes to destinations such as Boat Quay, The Intan Peranakan Home Museum, River Safari, Haji Lane, and Gardens by the Bay, among others.

There, individuals demonstrate safety procedures using each location’s features and facilities – from seats on a ferry to show how the seatbelt works, to traditional wooden boxes representing overhead lockers.

Singapore Airlines developed the video as part of a collaboration with the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), which explains the “city tour” nature of the video. “It is like taking our customers on a walk through Singapore,” said Quek. “The locations featured in the video help show Singapore as a modern cosmopolitan city with unique culture and heritage, and I am honoured to be part of this wonderful journey.”

Campbell Wilson, the airline’s senior video president of sales and marketing, notes that the video is a notable departure from the carrier’s previous videos. “Our new safety video provides a more captivating way of effectively presenting safety information to our customers as compared to the more conventional approach that we have taken up to now. At the same time, it proudly showcases many familiar spots in our home base of Singapore to a global audience.”

Travellers will be able to see the new video while onboard Singapore Airlines flights from the end of this year.