Amsterdam Schiphol is set to break its record for passenger traffic today, with over 230,000 travellers passing through the airport.

Schiphol says that 78,000 departing passengers, 71,000 arriving travellers, and 81,000 transfer passengers will pass through the airport, beating the previous record of 224,000 people, set on June 30 this year.

The airport says that some 12.4 million passengers will fly via Schiphol this summer, and the facility has put on extra security staff and screening lanes in an attempt to keep queues to a minimum.

Around 38,600 flights have carried around 5.3 million passengers through Schiphol so far this summer holiday season, with “the majority” departing for, or arriving from the UK.

The airport says that three additional security lanes are in operation, with all lanes in Separtures Halls 1 and 2 manned, and “flexible teams” on hand “to assist where necessary”.

The airport has also been trialing a new “small bags only” security lane, allowing passengers with “little or no hand baggage” to use a separate entrance. It says that “From initial results, it appears that 15 to 20 per cent more passengers can pass through these lanes in the same amount of time”.

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