American Airlines has launched a new service aimed at helping passengers in the case of checked luggage not being on the same plane on which they travelled.

Customers can sign up to the service via AA’s app, their AAdvantage account, or by providing contact information during the booking or check-in process.

They will then receive an alert shortly after their flight arrives at its final destination, should their luggage not have travelled on the same aircraft as them.

Three different alerts can be sent out, depending on the situation:

  • Early baggage arrival: alerting the customer that their bag arrived before them, and directing them to pick up the bag at the Baggage Service Office
  • Late baggage arrival – Mobile Baggage Order: directs passengers to fill out a Mobile Bagagge Order on their mobile device, giving delivery details and a bag description, removing the need to visit the Baggage Service Office to file a claim
  • Late baggage arrival – Go to Baggage Service Office: sent to customers with an international segment in their reservation, for information on what to do next

AA says that the CBN service “is an exciting innovation that helps take care of our customers and our team members”, adding that “Customers get more information quickly and our team members get more time to help those who have complicated baggage claims”.