For the 14th straight year, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport has won the Top Efficiency Excellence Award – a measure of airport productivity, efficiency, and cost competitiveness – from the Air Transport Research Society (ATRS).

CNBC reported that the busiest airport in the US offered the best value to travellers, as well as being the smoothest-running operation.

A total of 206 airports were ranked in ATRS’s latest Global Airport Benchmarking Report, which is based on data collected in 2015.

Perhaps unsurprisingly to frequent US business travellers, New York’s La Guardia and JFK were both ranked lowest in their respective categories by ATRS.

The report’s 24 airport categories are based on region and number of passengers served annually. The Atlanta airport had 101 million passengers in 2015, more than 20 million more than next-busiest Chicago O’Hare.

Among North American airports with 25 to 40 million passengers, Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport won top honours from ATRS, while Vancouver International Airport was the best-performing airports with between 10 and 25 million passengers.

Kahului Airport on the Hawaiian island of Maui was deemed the most efficient and competitive airport accommodating fewer than ten million travellers annually.

Internationally, highly ranked airports included Athens International Airport in Europe, Jeju International Airport in South Korea for Asia, and Sydney International Airport in Australia for Oceania.