The UK government has launched a consultation on a new UK Aviation Strategy, inviting the public to have their say on challenges around technology, security, customer service and the environment.

The government said that the new strategy will “help shape the future of the aviation industry 20 2050 and beyond”, and is asking the public to comment on areas including:

  • Possible new forms of compensation for noise, or designing targets for noise reduction
  • How the government should support and regulate emerging technologies around personal travel
  • How to make best use of existing capacity at all airports around the country
  • Innovation ideas including town centre airport bag check-in, and luggage portering

The consultation will look at six key areas: customer service, safety and security, global connectivity, competitive markets, supporting growth while tackling environmental impacts, and innovation, technology and skills.

The discussion will run throughout 2017 and 2018, and “will be followed by the publication of the final aviation strategy by the end of 2018”.

The first stage of the consultation is now open and runs until October 13, with the government soliciting views on the proposed approach of the consultation as a whole, and “the issues that we would like to explore through the development of the strategy”.

Among the proposals highlighted in Beyond the horizon: The future of UK aviation, include a review of slot regulations, and looking at “the potential impact of Air Passenger Duty on competitiveness and the ability of airlines to start new routes”.

Announcing the public consultation Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said:

“Aviation is central to our future prosperity as we leave the European Union. As a global, trading nation we want to build on the great industry we have today and create opportunities for people up and down the country.

“Our new aviation strategy will look beyond the new runway at Heathrow and sets out a comprehensive long-term plan for UK aviation. It will support jobs and economic growth across the whole of the UK.

“Our vision puts the passenger at the heart of what we do, but also recognises the need to address the impacts of aviation on communities and the environment.”

Grayling recently admitted that MPs will not vote on the proposed expansion of Heathrow airport until 2018, saying that “The timing of the election, in particular the need to restart a select committee inquiry into the draft Airports NPS (National Policy Statement), means we now expect to lay any final NPS in parliament in the first half of 2018, for a vote in the House of Commons.”

More information on the consultation process for the proposed aviation strategy can be seen at