Sleeping on a bus is rarely a pleasant experience even on the plushest of coaches, but a California company is aiming to change that by turning buses into “moving hotels,” complete with private sleeper cabins.

Founded in 2016 as SleepBus and recently rebranded as Cabin, the company began scheduled overnight transport between Los Angeles and San Francisco, a six-hour drive, in June 2017.

Passengers travel in single, bunk-style accommodations, and each coach is equipped with a shared bathroom and common passenger lounge.

Cabins line a narrow walkway, and while each berth is limited to one person, travellers in adjoining cabins can choose to chat across the aisle or seal up in the bed for sleep and solitude.

Passenger cabins have beds, USB and power ports, wifi and reading lights. An attendant is on board to provide tea service and other assistance.

A one-way ticket costs about $115, according to Business Insider.

Cabin plans to expand its service to other US cities, a strategy that will be aided by the $3.3 million in seed money the company recently secured, reports TechCrunch.