Luggage brand Tumi has launched a new Global Locator device, which can be placed into a bag to provide real-time data on its location.

The $200 device – which weighs 180 grams and measures 11cm x 6.5cm x 2cm – uses GPS, GSM, wifi and Bluetooth technology to track its location, delivering data to the customer’s Android or Apple app.

The device has four modes depending on the user’s requirements:

  • Travel mode – tracks the bag’s location every 20-30 minutes, building a history of its location
  • Sleep mode – this can be activated at any time, but will also automatically activate during flights, to comply with FAA requirements
  • Hotel mode – allows the user to designate a “Home Base” such as a hotel room, sending an alert should the bag move from that location
  • Proximity mode – uses Bluetooth technology to allow the user to tether the locator to a connected device such as a mobile phone, sending an alert in the event of unexpected movement

Tumi said that “While airports and airlines are investing in technology to track luggage under their respective jurisdictions, the TUMI Global Locator puts the power into customers’ hands, providing tracking ability from the second a journey begins”.

Business Traveller first reported on the device last year when it was still in the development stage, as part of a round-up of smart luggage technology.