Singapore Airlines has launched a new business loyalty programme called Highflyer, designed to reward small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and their employees while also tying in with the airline’s existing Krisflyer frequent-flyer programme (FFP).

Under the Highflyer initiative, businesses will earn five points in the new programme for every S$1 (US$0.7) spent on flights employees take with Singapore Airlines or its Silkair subsidiary, while individual travellers earn Krisflyer miles.

So how are these points used? Businesses can redeem them to partially or fully offset future ticket purchases on either Singapore Airlines or Silkair.

It’s worth noting Highflyer differs from the Singapore Airlines Corporate Travel Programme, which it launched in 2015 and offers corporate fares and other benefits to large businesses. That said, corporates in the Highflyer rewards system that hit a particular spend can opt to transfer to the corporate travel programme. There is also no minimum travel spend required as part of the Highflyer rewards system.

Speaking about the new programme, Singapore Airlines’ vice president of sales and marketing, Campbell Wilson, said: “We are always looking for more ways to delight our customers and make their journey with us more rewarding. The Singapore Airlines Highflyer programme highlights Singapore Airlines’ commitment to constantly enhance the benefits of our corporate clients and business travellers.”

Singapore Airlines is far from the only carrier to offer a business rewards programme – Qantas also launched a new Qantas Business Rewards scheme earlier this year.

An overview of corporate frequent flyer schemes offered by airlines can be read here: