American Airlines has ditched plans to offer just 29 inches of Main Cabin (economy) seat pitch in three rows of its forthcoming B737 Max aircraft.

The carrier’s plan to reduced Main Cabin seat pitch in the 100 latest-generation 737 MAX aircraft it currently has on order met with an overwhelmingly negative reception from the public and press when it was floated last month.

The plan called for cutting pitch from 31 inches to 30 inches on most Main Cabin seats, and to 29 inches on three rows of seating.

But in a statement AA has now confirmed that it will offer a minimum 30 inches of legroom for all Main Cabin seating.

The carrier said it had been able to achieve this by eliminating one planned row of Main Cabin Extra seating, which has extra legroom.

“Designing aircraft interiors is an art and a science. It requires us to take into account customer experience, revenue, and other considerations,” said American Airlines President Robert Isom in a memo to company employees.

“We’ve reassessed what’s appropriate for the markets served by our new 737 MAX and have found a way to deliver a minimum of 30 inches of pitch for all Main Cabin rows. This is the right call for customers and the right call for our team members who take care of them.”

“It is clear that today, airline customers feel increasingly frustrated by their experiences and less valued when they fly,” the memo added.

“We can be leaders in helping to turn around that perception, and that includes reviewing decisions that have significant impact on the flying experience.”